Moral realism

by Massimo Pigliucci New Scientia Salon video featuring a discussion between between Massimo and Dan, this time on the issue of moral realism. This is also being published as part of a new initiative by, called Dan and I have our own channel, called, appropriately enough, Sophia. Anyway, in this video we talk about … Continue reading Moral realism


Stoicism, then and now

by Massimo Pigliucci New Scientia Salon video, featuring another conversation between Dan Kaufman and yours truly. This one covers ground we have treated before [1]: the current revival of Stoicism as a practical philosophy. While the video was initially released (on BloggingHeadsTV) around the occasion of the annual Stoic Week [2], I am publishing it here in part to nudge interested readers … Continue reading Stoicism, then and now

Virtue Ethics: an ancient solution to a modern problem

by Peter D.O. Smith Introduction This article is neither a defense of nor an attack against either religion or secularism. It treats them as well established sociological facts and no more than that. I take them as given and argue that a greater moral good can be achieved if the two belief systems find common … Continue reading Virtue Ethics: an ancient solution to a modern problem

Virtue aesthetics

by Steve Neumann You’ve probably heard of virtue ethics, but have you heard of virtue aesthetics? Probably not; it’s my own coinage, so far as I know. Virtue ethics, in the tradition of Aristotle, is essentially an attempt to define the good life, a life well-lived, to show how one can achieve the holy grail … Continue reading Virtue aesthetics