Culture and genocide: what relationship?

by Dan Tippens [This essay is a different take on thoughts about the concept of genocide by NYU philosopher Paul Boghossian. We have previously published Massimo Pigliucci’s analysis of the same topic in Scientia Salon on 15 October 2014, under the title The Philosophy of Genocide.] Most of us think we understand what genocide means. … Continue reading Culture and genocide: what relationship?

The varieties of denialism

by Massimo Pigliucci I have just come back from a stimulating conference at Clark University about "Manufacturing Denial," which brought together scholars from wildly divergent disciplines — from genocide studies to political science to philosophy — to explore the idea that "denialism" may be a sufficiently coherent phenomenon underlying the willful disregard of factual evidence … Continue reading The varieties of denialism

The philosophy of genocide

by Massimo Pigliucci I have recently hosted one of my regular dinner & philosophy discussions in Manhattan [1], and this time we chose the topic of genocide. More specifically, we pored over an as yet unpublished paper by NYU philosopher Paul Boghossian on “The concept of genocide” [2]. I find the topic both fascinating and … Continue reading The philosophy of genocide