The philosophy of genocide

by Massimo Pigliucci I have recently hosted one of my regular dinner & philosophy discussions in Manhattan [1], and this time we chose the topic of genocide. More specifically, we pored over an as yet unpublished paper by NYU philosopher Paul Boghossian on “The concept of genocide” [2]. I find the topic both fascinating and … Continue reading The philosophy of genocide

Stephen Law on humanism and naturalism

by Massimo Pigliucci This is going to be one of my “a colleague said this, I disagree, and I’m going to invite him to respond” sort of essays. This time the focus is on a recent short piece by Stephen Law, entitled “Secular Humanism: DON’T define it as requiring naturalism” [1], in which Stephen — … Continue reading Stephen Law on humanism and naturalism

Graham Priest on Buddhism and logic

by Massimo Pigliucci Graham Priest is a colleague of mine at City University of New York’s Graduate Center, a world renowned expert in logic, a Buddhist connoisseur, and an all-around nice guy [1]. So I always pay attention to what he says or writes. Recently he published a piece in Aeon magazine [2] entitled “Beyond … Continue reading Graham Priest on Buddhism and logic